Friday, June 19, 2015

I Needed to Start Before I Start.

Well now...

That took extraordinarily longer than I thought.

I was going full steam with an idea for a video that I started...months(?) ago now, only to be completely sidetracked by a video that was at the same time healthy and somewhat detrimental to what I was doing.

Along with all the tropes that go along with being a noob in front of the camera; looking at the monitor rather than the lens, pausing every fifth word to read a script and disrupting the entire flow of what I was talking about and stuttering on every other word, I came across a video from an established vlogger and began to question my very intention in doing this to begin with.

Not because I shied in the shadow of greatness, but because I felt a pit in my stomach get bigger the longer I watched. Here's a young guy, obviously very talented, very funny, never at loss for words or subject matter, quite popular...

...and then all of a sudden, darkness falls....

I've seen this before, this darkness. I've seen this more often than I'd care to count. I've seen this in the young and still wet behind the ears, I've seen this in the more experienced and perhaps more jaded. I've seen this in myself. It sucks. It hurts, and I don't wish it on anyone.

A meltdown is not what I wanted to see right when I have spent the past couple of weeks trying to sych myself up to hit the "Publish" button. It made me want to abandon all hope.

Which is kind of what I did with my work in progress. Start, stop, repeat.

It just got to the point where i needed to get friendly with the camera, because it was fighting me every step of the way. And what better way to face my demon, than tackling another demon at the same time?

So there it is, in all its incoherent goodness.

In case anyone from the You Tube Creator Academy is watching, yes, I haven't completely grasped the way of constructing a custom thumbnail, or fully utilize annotations, or work with any other bells and whistles that are at my disposal. But, this one video took longer than anticipated, and I'm sure the process will shrink with each successive project. I also have a habit of crawling down a rabbit hole when it comes to learning something new; I learn something, think of how I can improve, seek out that information, get distracted and then realize it's like a week later, and I haven't done anything.

Also, closer to the point...I still have no idea what my channel will be about.

But I think it's kind of the point, I'll find out along the way.